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Utilizing state of the art brailling methods and equipment, we are able to output any document type you may need, in the time you need. We have been brailling on a global level for nearly four years, with clients in the U.S., Canada, the Phillipines, and Australia.

Brailled Documents
If you need anything brailled contact NATIONAL BRAILLE FACTORY at
or locally (in Vancouver) at (604) 522-7187 or email us at info@braillefactory.com
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We can turn any text document into braille including:

  • personal documents
  • cd/dvd labels
  • brochures
  • user's manuals
  • textbooks
  • restaurant menus
  • newsletters
  • hotel directory
  • letters

It is as easy as sending us an e-mail, a diskette, or CD-ROM with the text you want brailled and we will return it to you, fully brailled. No job is too big or too small!

Major Credit Cards Accepted